Order a French Driving License Online

L’échange d’un permis de conduire

Conduire en France avec un permis délivré en Europe (EEE + Royaume-Uni) L’échange d’un permis de conduire obtenu dans un État européen n’est pas nécessaire pour conduire en France. Toutefois, l’échange est obligatoire uniquement dans les 2 cas suivants : After passing the exam, you can start taking driving lessons with your driving school. Before passing…

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Driving in Uk

Licence requirements|Getting insured to drive abroad|What’s a Green Card?|Checklist for driving abroad

ORDER YOUR EU DRIVING LICENSE ONLINE Impact of Brexit on driving abroad The UK is no longer part of the EU. We’re now in a transition period until the end of 2020 while the UK and EU carry out negotiations. Until then, the current rules for driving abroad won’t change. If you travel before 29…

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buy Danish driving licence without a theory test and practical test within 5 days

If you do not already have a foreign driving licence, you can get a driving licence at a ukdvlalicense.com without a theory test and practical test buy Danish driving licence. There are many driving schools in Copenhagen where you can obtain a driving licence. There are some regulatory requirements to the training you need. A…

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